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The Walnut Club is hosting an event with me in Philadelphia on 9/ 28. I'll be talking about the Power of Receiving. This event has been been postponed due to a family illness.

A new Receive tele-course starts on October 1, 2016. It is the only one I am giving this year. This event has been been postponed due to a family illness.

I was interviewed for this article in Fast Company How To Graciously Accept A Compliment

The Power of Receiving has 62 five-star reviews. Read them here: RECEIVE

Maria Shriver's site features my new article Do You Know How to Prioritize Yourself? 5 Ways to #StopDoingItAll

My article Are You Better at Giving Than Receiving: 3 Tips to Accept More Love on MindBodyGreen

Natural Awakenings Magazine featured me and my new book in this wonderful article: Trust Your Intuition

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The Power of Receiving  is brilliant, elegant, profound and enormously practical. This book will help you learn the fine art of receiving. 
 —NY Times bestselling author Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Endorsements and reviews
With inspirational stories and practical exercises aimed at cutting through emotional and physical clutter, Owen’s approach will ... help women feel better about themselves … Readers will find valuable insights here. 
—Publishers Weekly

Endorsements and reviews

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